Elizabeth Arenberg

Elizabeth Arenberg

Sales Associate & Design Specialist

A former Brooklynite, Liz moved to Montclair in 2018 to embrace the cultural scene and urban/suburban energy. Formally a fine art photographer, she earned a BFA from Parsons School of Design and an MFA from the School of Visual Arts. Her passion for design and architecture has benefitted our clients tremendously. As we prepare your home for sale, her attention to detail and vision for spaces allows us to create powerful moments throughout your home that speaks to potential buyers. Her keen eye sees the maximum potential of a house and what it needs to turn it into a gleaming gem.

Raeanna G. ~ Renter

Working with Liz was great. From the first meeting she clicked with my husband and I. He tends to be very conservative around Realtors and I was amazed about how chatty he was. Liz also went above and beyond and helped negotiate many terms after the lease was signed. She has the personality of a lifelong friend. I highly recommend working with her and her firm.

Amy M. ~ Buyer

Liz is a trustworthy and assuring guide through the home-finding process, which can often be overwhelming! She is a pleasure to work with and you will not only feel in capable hands, but will also love her company while you tour homes. Highly recommend you trust Liz with finding your dream home - my family is thrilled to have done so.

Joshua ~ First-Time Buyer

My partner and I have nicknamed Liz our "Sherpa" and that's exactly what she is. Buying a home, especially for a first time buyer, is a frightful and overwhelming mountain of chores and stress. We were buying in a new state which made everything much more confusing, difficult and intimidating. Liz got to know us and our needs in a few quick meetings. In no time, she was telling us everything we needed to know about different neighborhoods, different housing types, their strengths, tradeoffs and idiosyncrasies. She gave us a great overview of everything involved in the house buying process so we wouldn't be overwhelmed by it. By the time we settled on a house she recommended a lender, a lawyer, housing inspectors and contractors. Seriously, she has a team of awesome people in her network all waiting to make the experience fun and easy. It got to the point where we were a bit disappointed the weekend after we made an offer on our (now) house, because it meant it was the first weekend in almost 2 months that we weren't hanging out with Liz. Oh, and! The one time she was unavailable to show us listings during our limited weekly time-window, her associates Pierce and Malcolm were there to help and they too were personable, respectful, super knowledgeable and fun.

Marylou P. ~ Buyer

Liz is just amazing! We highly recommend her to anyone looking for a great negotiator, knowledgeable and attentive real estate agent. She was always available for our MANY questions and helped us navigate this unknown territory.